Board Game Snacks

How often do you get hungry while playing a board game? How often do you get your cards greasy because you couldn’t wait to eat??

Unfortunately, my answer to both of these is a resounding ‘very often’. So if you’re anything like me, this list could be very useful – for your stomach AND your game.

The general gist is that you want to avoid greasy finger foods or foods that can be easily spilled.

Let’s begin.


If you absolutely love your finger foods (or don’t feel like washing any dishes), this is a great non-greasy snack to have around, especially for gaming. And it’s healthier than most alternatives!

Cocktail Shrimp

Cold, crisp, hearty – you can’t go wrong with this. If you’re a seafood lover and have some sitting around, whip ‘em out. Cocktail sauce is a risky addition, but it may be worth the risk.

Raw Veggies

Stay healthy AND keep the game clean. Carrots, celery, bell peppers, cucumbers, etc…Pair these with some ranch dip and you got yourself a hearty and delicious snack.


In a cup with a lid! While they may be susceptible to spilling, if you can use cup holder, put a lid on it, or set it on a surface away from the table then you got yourself a good solution to tide yourself over. However, if you can’t mitigate your spill risk, then you should probably a avoid this one – I’ve had some serious game-ruining ‘accidents’ involving large drink spills… :/

“Toothpick Foods”

Basically, any appetizer-style food that you can eat with a toothpick is a good option. Minimize the spill risk by avoiding saucy foods like BBQ meatballs. Bacon wrapped smokies or small pigs in a blanket are examples of what I’m getting at.


Disclaimer: only if you go light on the butter. Classic snack that’s light on calories.

Meat and/or Cheese Plate (Charcuterie)

Some meats can be a little greasier but this is generally a safe option. Minimize the risk of greasy fingers by pairing with some crackers…just be aware of your increased ‘crumb risk’.

Ice Cream

If you have a sweet craving, this is a great option. Cookies are greasy and pie can be messy, but ice cream can be eaten with a spoon and with little concern for spilling. A great option when playing a board game.

Anything with a Fork

If you are craving something that could potentially be messy or greasy (and you will not accept any substitutes), just throw it on a plate and eat it with a utensil!

What do you eat while gaming? Did I miss anything? Let us know in the comments or social media!

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