The Analog Critic: Top 10 Games

…according to top board game reviewers!

For over a year, we have been working on bringing this project to life – and it has finally arrived!

The Table-Score

One comprehensive score for each game that represents – as a whole – the opinions of established board game reviewers. The Table-Score for a game is calculated using a simple and effective weighted average system.

Each reviewer included in this system is required to meet certain criteria including audience size, current activity, objectivity, among others. Furthermore, they are each given a Level between 1 and 3 based on these criteria.

Once a score is calculated it must have a high enough review strength in order to be included in our list which is determined by the number and Level of each reviewer. It is then given a status as shown below:


Table-Score: 85-100 | Rating Strength >= 6


Table-Score: 70-100 | Rating Strength > 3


Table-Score: 0-69 | Rating Strength > 3

To kick off the launch of ‘The Analog Critic’ we have listed the top 10 games of all time below.

Top 10

I am so used to seeing the top 10 based on user scores from Board Game Geek so it is interesting to see how this list differs based on reviewers opinions instead. I’m really happy to see some of these on here (and really shocked about others)!

To view the whole list and to stay up to date on scores for future games, view the page linked below:

We are hoping this will be a useful tool for this community for years to come. Hit us up on social media to tell us your thoughts!

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