Top 10: 2-Player Games


February is upon us…and Valentine’s Day along with it. Perfect time to recommend some games to play with a significant other!

Starting with number 10, here are my Top 10 favorite 2-Player games:

10. Suburbia


Build the best suburb to attract the most people! That’s all there is to it in this beautiful and simple tile-laying game. When playing tiles there are so many strategic choices to make and so many possibilities to build combos (which feel SO GOOD when you pull them off). A fun game to play with up to four players, Suburbia is most enjoyable (and quicker to play) when playing with 2.

9. Jaipur


Trade goods and valuables score points in this lovely little card game. And there are camels! This is about as simple as it gets for a card game but it is no less fun. Unfortunately, this one only plays with 2, but – as a result – it’s REALLY GOOD at that number ;).

8. Kingdomino


Brilliant in it’s simplicity and interesting in it’s gameplay, Kingdomino offers a fun experience for 2-4 players. Draft dominos and create plots of land that match type to score the most points in your kingdom! Simple to explain and quick to play (seriously, this game will last no longer than 15 minutes in my experience) you can’t go wrong here.

7. Race for the Galaxy


RftG has been a go-to game of mine since I started collecting games. However, this is the first one on this list that I would caution people to research before buying. It plays very quickly, especially with 2 – but the the learning curve and strategic depth can be a bit intimidating for casual gamers. If you’re willing to learn and you love space-themed games, I would highly recommend Race for the Galaxy.

6. Terraforming Mars


Some of you have likely heard of this one – and for good reason. It made it’s way onto the top 10 board games of all time list on Board Game Geek soon after it was released and it isn’t only because of the Mars theme. With quick turns and interesting gameplay, Terraforming Mars offers a fun experience for everyone. You can play it with up to 5 people but I honestly wouldn’t recommend it. With 2-players, there is much less downtime and plays faster.

5. Carcassonne


An oldie and a goodie. In board game time, this could be considered one of the grandfathers of modern gaming but it still holds its own. Although it has spawned so many expansions and spinoffs, you can’t get much better than the original. With quick turns, strategic choices, and fun map-building, this quirky tile-laying game is still one of the best on the shelves and even better with 2-players.

4. Patchwork


Do you love quilting? How about collecting buttons?? Me neither…but this game will have you doing both. Claim tiles and create a beautiful quilt to out-earn your opponent and collect the most buttons! Sometimes the simplest games are the best, and this is no exception. I’ll never turn down a game of this Tetris-esque strategy game.

3. Undaunted


There are currently two games in this campaign-style ‘series’ – Undaunted: Normandy and Undaunted: North Africa which follow the events of their respective campaigns from World War II. Recruit your soldiers, give them orders, and capture control points to best your opponent in this simple deck-building game! If you love history but don’t want to spend hours playing a complex war game, this is a perfect option. Not to mention, the cards and tiles are brilliantly illustrated. Even for those who may not be as interested in this theme, I highly recommend it.

2. Hive


Have you heard of a little game called Chess? Well, lets just say that I will be playing Chess a bit less now that Hive is a thing. Simple, abstract, and strategic, this ‘black and white’ game of fighting insects packs a big punch. Containing only 22 small tiles (up to 6 more with expansions) and playing in less than 20 minutes, I think Hive is better than Chess in almost every way. The game will start and play out differently every time which adds to my enjoyment of it.

1. Unmatched


This came out very recently but quickly skyrocketed to number one for me. Just a simple skirmish game that pits various characters against each other for a fight to ‘exhaustion’ 🙂 – but it’s much more than that. Each set of Unmatched includes different characters and maps, but are fully interchangeable. Characters include the likes of King Arthur, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, and even Bigfoot and each have their own customized and BEAUTIFULLY illustrated deck of cards. One set of this game might be enough, the fact that there are several and many more announced in the coming years makes this game irresistible. With some of the best artwork I have seen in any game, I cannot recommend this game ‘system’ highly enough.

Hopefully this list was interesting and/or useful to you! All of these games are great options for most people to play in my opinion so it’s hard to go wrong but if you have any follow up questions about your specific tastes or where you can purchase a game, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on social media or a comment on this page.

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